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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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final preparations for the papal visit are underway and that means even more cars are being towed off city streets. meantime, a new attraction. lights up in honor of this historic event. all this as school students in philadelphia find out they're getting yet another day off from school. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live along the ben franklin parkway where things continue to take shape before pope francis' have it. david? >> reporter: jessica things are continuously picking up. that construction that s really changing day by day. you don't see much going on tonight now but that will change as the energy really continues to pick up with each new day. the dome on top of the cathedral basilica lit up monday night with literally moving artwork. to celebrate this historic week in philadelphia. >> people are working together, celebrating together, coming together. it's exciting here. >> reporter: meg is the artist behind it all.
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her message is to highlight the struggle faced by the world's poor. she also behind this grotto with the same message found on the side of the basilica. she'll project her artwork from dusk until 12:30 in the morning every night until sunday. pope francis will celebrate mass with more than thousand in the basilica saturday morning. >> it's basically some fantasy just basic al prayer of the city on the dome and we're super pysched to have it up tonight and it's sort of symbolizes to us let's start the celebrations. >> just a few blocks away, we found this unusual scene. three priests made their way down the quiet ben franklin parkway. quiet because it's closed to cars. plenty of drivers ignored the no parking signs around the parkway and other parts of the city. tow drivers are working around the clock. >> we just ran back up here and saw they were together off these cars. >> tickets and towing aside city officials are expects at least a
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million visitors add to to the current city population, and this could break a philadelphia record. >> you know its sometimes the anticipation is something that you can't wrap your head around and now that it's here people are settling down. they have their plans. they know what they're doing. >> reporter: this is a live look at the dome right now it's really neat to see in person. this is going to be going as i said earlier through sunday but there's going to be a lot to clean up after pope francis heads back to rome. that's why all students in philadelphia public schools and teachers will be off next monday to make sure they're save they can get to school back on tuesday. but on monday, they will not have school. we are live at the pork way tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thanks so much. chopper three over the camden waterfront tonight where papal visit parking is off to somewhat sluggish start. the city made 85 hadn't dread spaces available. you pay in advance. official say only bootboy hundred spaces have been reserved so far. from the waterfront you can take a ferry, train or walk over the ben franklin bridge to get to
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the papal events. part of the pope's itinerary on sunday includes a visit to prisoners in the northeast. pope francis will meet 80 men and 20 women at the curran-fromhold prison complex on state road. in an "eyewitness news"ing clues our pat chiarocchi traveled to the prison where she met the women who will meet the pope. >> i've never met anyone that didn't seem like they didn't have any kind of judgment in the back of their mind about us being here. so that's ground breaking. >> many of the inmates will be joined by their families when the pope visits sunday morning and we will broadcast the prison visit life of life as part of our papal coverage happening all weekend. pope francis is spend the night in cuba before heading to the united states tomorrow. the pope met with the crowd as he arrived in the town of santiago. another mass planned there tomorrow morning before the pontiff leaves. earlier today the pope was in the town of cuba's fourth largest city where he celebrated
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mass and greeting the faithful empty pope mobile. he will begin his trip to the united states and washington, d.c. tomorrow. after that a visit to new york city. then the pontiff is scheduled to arrive here in philadelphia on saturday morning at 9:30. our nation's capitol crews spent the day making the final preparations for the visit roads there are blocked off and metal fencing went up and around the national mall and other locations the pope will visit while in washington the pope will speak before a joint session of congress. teacher fired from waldron mercy academy in merion station will be among those at the white house for a ceremony welcoming the pope to the united states. margie winters let go from waldron mercy a private catholic school after it came to light she was in a same sex marriage. she told "eyewitness news" what she would say to the pope if given the opportunity. >> i would ask him to listen to our stories of faith and to, you know, listen with the heart of the shepherd and with the mind set of hopefully including us
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more in the church. >> the human rights campaign lgbt advocacy group secure the invite to the white house for winters and her wife. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage as we inch closer to the historic visit of pope francis. you can find updates any time online at a young child is hit and killed by a septa paratransit bus in south philadelphia tonight. this happened around 5:15 this evening when authorities say two-year-old muhammed, ran into the street near the intersection of 21st and morris. the young boy's family says he was visiting his cousin's home with his father at that time. and we spoke to one of the child's family members. >> like 42nd. not even. 40 seconds. yeah. he was very quick. no one know he was running in the street. if we would have known, talk to them. >> the toddler was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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the driver remained on scene and no charges are being filed. scary moments at a gas station in south jersey when car catches fire. this eyewitness video you can see how far the smoke and flames spread at this lukoil on route 73 in mt. laurel. it all starred when the driver of a smoking car pulled up to the station igniting a gas pump. two good samaritans jumped into action helping the owner prevent the names from spreading further before help arrived and fortunately no one was injured. american airlines plane makes an emergency landing tonight at philadelphia international airport. flight 1889 air bus a320 was en route from charlotte to hartford when a bird hit the plane's windshield cracking it. the plane landed safely in philadelphia no one was hurt. berks county a small plain crashed in a field. "eyewitness news" on the scene near route 100 in washington township. this is near the butter valley golf club airport. it's believed only the pilot was on board this plane and his injuries are not believed to be
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life-threatening. faa is investigating. pennsylvania top general kathleen kane says she will not resign even though her law license has been suspended. the state supreme court issued a unanimous order today temporary suspending kane's license. kane remains in charge of a 750 employee office and a $93 million budget but now without the ability to act as a lawyer. the state constitution requires the attorney general to be a licensed attorney. kane democrat is facing per jew, obstruction of justice and other charges. ♪ now campaign 2016 there is now one less gop presidential candidate. this evening wisconsin governor scott walker announced he is dropping out. he says he's ending his campaign so voter which is focus on finding an alternative to donald trump. trump remain the republican front runner with carli fiorina in second place. the latest poll numbers from cnn
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show hillary clinton in the lead on the democratic side. eagles fans are still trying to process sunday' embarrassing loss to the cowboys. >> the season is still young, right? >> many are still wondering can they turn it around? >> sports director don bell joins us with more on the fallout. >> it's young but it doesn't feel that way. >> right. a long week and a half. >> yeah. >> philadelphia version of the rubik's coupe cube. eagles have the city puzzled after starting zero and two for the first since 2007. the birds lost the cowboys 20-10 and it's the how that has people talking. 17 carries, 7 yards, sam brad poured through two touchdowns or two interceptions one of them in the end zone. they hulls a punt blocked and returned for a touchdown. chip kelly is looking for answers to this puzzling start. >> we're not putting together a plan good enough for to us execute offensive because we're not he can cuting that. that falls on the coaching staff on the offense side of the ball. >> this game could have turned our season around if we beat the
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cowboys in philadelphia with dez bryant it was a golden opportunity for us and to come out and play like that, in addition to not playing well from a skills standpoint, there was no passion. >> yeah. this is the first time they've lost three straight home games by double digits since 1972. >> it's been a bad stretch. particularly in the city of philadelphia. >> hit the nail on the -- hit the nail on the head. there was no passion. >> you just don't know why. >> you don't turn the page on that. >> i hope so. >> thank you buddy appreciate it. >> some parts of the region could see rain over night and the start of fall brings warmer temperatures. meteorologist kate bilo keeping tabs on it all kate. >> jessica, feels like it started today. fall weather definitely started across the area and it continues into tomorrow. we do have a few showers as you can see lifting through portions of lancaster county they are getting a bit steadier and more widespread. so we'll watch for the chance for light rain and showers through the overnight hours feeling like fall again tomorrow but then for the first day of
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fall on wednesday, we actually warm up a little bit. i'll have all those details and we'll take a peek at the papal weekend forecast coming up. >> a popular restaurant with serious health violations and a food poisoning outbreak allegedly makes dozens sick. >> it's outrageous. i just don't understand how it's still open. >> we've uncovered a long history of problem. i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. my exclusive report is next. also ahead take a trip into space without leaving your cha chair. the dramatic new images of pluto. what we can now see for the very first time. plus this. a school without a play ground i'm greg are a gus here in north philly with how the community is coming together to transform this pot of dirt into a new place to play. that story is coming up. >> and tonight right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00, late show with stephen colbert and he welcomes inform ba star steph curry, ted cruz and performance
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by don henley. the laughs start at 11:35. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air.
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and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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>> pope francis arrives in philadelphia in less than five days. chopper three above saint john the baptist church in manayunk where a very large sign welcoming the pontiff hangs from the side of the building. that's beautiful. nuns will be traveling here to philadelphia to see the pope are getting involved with helping a local school. >> charter plan in north philadelphia plans to build a new playground that will transform live for hundreds of students and the surrounding community. >> reporter: there are some 700 plus students here at antonia charter school and right now there is no outdoor space for them to play. you can see this large pot of dirt this will become a massive outdoor play ground. >> no, this isn't a classroom. it's the gym for some 709 students at antonio charter school. even though it's small, the kids
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here sure know how to make use of it. but let's be honest these guys and girls want to know where is the playground. >> on thursday we'll have over 200 volunteers they're going to help us build a beautiful may ground for for our students. >> parents, fixers even nuns for the world meeting of families will help and the principal says this plot of dirt will be transformed into this gym in just about the time it takes to learn the day's math and science lessons. >> we have to have this done in one day. >> it will finally give students and the surrounding community a place to play outside. >> we are going to have community members come out and play with their children. >> this thursday is the build and it's also a school day. >> we move them to the middle and other parts of the building so that that they're not distracted. >> probably a good plan since these students say they can't wait until they finally have some outdoor space to play. >> i get to go to the monkey bars and go upside down.
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my dad taught me how. >> i want to do everything on the playground. >> we'll have a new play ground. i don't know how it's going look yet and i want to see how it feels to have new play ground. >> as for the total cost of this playground it's around $70,000 all the money with the exception of $8,500 was donated by community organizations. reporting here in north philly, greg arg u.s. cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> you will feel their scheme. there are more signs of progress down the shore in the aftermath of super storm sandy. nearly three years after sandy hit see ale city has new city hall. sandy damaged the city's former commons pal building in 2012. today local officials all joined in celebrating the building's opening. it will be the home for the citi' police department, emergency management and many other offices. on the cbs3 health watch tonight, food poisoning makes an estimated 21 million people sick every year. health department inspections restaurants are supposed to insure food safety but cbs3
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investigation finds that mitt not always work. health reporter instead of know stall has this exclusive report. >> reporter: celebrating the chinese new year with a banquet, where else but inside a chinatown restaurant. but what group of 250 lawyers didn't know is that joy tsin law has a long history of violations the record the manager didn't want to talk about. stephanie stahl with cbs3. >> don't. >> tammy green was among an estimated 100 lawyers who got sick after the february 27th banquet. >> it was easily the worst couple days of my life. vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, everything. >> it got so bad she went to the hospital where she was treated for food poisoning. >> the philadelphia health department confirms there was a norovirus links to the outbreak that sickened the lawyers and experts say norovirus can easily spread from person to person and is also the leading cause of food poi sopping. >> it's actually not a surprise
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something like this happened. >> reporter: lawyer richard tim is representing sammy if in a lawsuit against the restaurant citing a long history of failed health inspections. cbs3 found well over 250 health code violations over six years. a health department inspections february 10th 2 weeks before the outbreak that sicken the lawyers found serious violations including a lack of soap in the employee bathroom, and inaccessible hand washing sinks. >> it's just continuous repeated agregious behavior. >> one week aft the banquet march the second another inspection found 41 violations. >> it's outrageous. i don't understand how it's still open. >> over the years it has tellural closed more than once. the city at one point calling it a serious and immediate hazard. a public health nuisance. and while the restaurant apparently cleaned up things enough to reopen, problems continue. in july the most recently available inspection found
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continued violations. >> all these health code vial laces. >> no, just talk to our lawyer. i don't have anything to say. >> reporter: they're liar declined to comment but in court documents the restaurant says the allegations are outrageous and base less. that it's conduct was not intentional. willful or reckless. >> i am starring this lawsuit because i want to stop this from happening in the future. >> reporter: the city health department has a court action pending again the restaurant trying to push them to fix the violations. >> most people when you go out to eat at a restaurant you don't check the health code violations you just have to hope that it's clean and that you don't get sick from eating there. >> now the health department refused comment sight citing pending litigation. the restaurant has to answer the city's complaint in front of a judge october 1st and for now, it remains open. you can check health inspections for specific restaurants in the city of philadelphia online. we will post that information for you click on health. >> far from being over.
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>> yes. >> more to come on that. we'll be watching. >> thank you, is it he have knee, appreciate it. >> we want to congratulate members of the cbs philly fami family. today kyw news radio 1060 celebrate the its 50th anniversary. on this day back p 1965 the station switched to the all new format and so so many of you have been listening two, three, four times a day ever since. couldn't garage layings to all our friends. >> absolutely g kate bilo is here now. you're on there two, three, four times day as well. >> that's right. >> about weather. >> you can catch me during the evening drive weather if you're your car tune into queue. i grew up listening to queue. you give to us minutes we'll give you the world. >> we have good news. dry weather once again. not quite as warm and sunny as it was last week. we had string of 80s this week we're talking about a string of 70s but we'll take it. we do have some light rain moving into portions of the area tonight. the question is how long will it stick around? take
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look outside you can see not looking too bad right now as with take live lock on skycam3. center city all lit up. it's dry for the moment. you can see the road out there not looking wet at all. as we take a look at a time lapse video from rehoboth cloudy and gloomy. you can't see any rain a few sprinkles here and there tonight for the met part it's been dry he is specially from the city on east all day long. now west of the city tonight that's where we are seeing a few showers. notice they're starting to intensify a little bit this was the are a we were watching all night down around baltimore and d.c. moved further to the north and again you can see some steadier showers right now over the lancaster area. this is mainly lifting to the north but especially up in the lehigh valley you'll have to watch for a few showers out there through the overnight hours tonight. right now 65 degrees. cool comfortable evening in philadelphia. 61 in reading and allentown as well. we're sitting at 55 in mount pocono and 67 at the atlantic city airport. future weather well we've got tomorrow morning starting off with a few clouds.
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this is 11:00 p.m. again now tomorrow morning here's 9am clouds and maybe a stray shower i think most of these tend to push out overnight through the day tomorrow we'll have clouds an few breaks of sunshine. we do have to keep an eye on this little disturbance sitting offshore. even as high pressure builds in wednesday and thursday no problems. but this system as it edges closer to us could threaten a few showers especially south and east of us as we head into our big pope weekend. fall officially begins on wednesday morning at 4:21 a.m. that's the first day of fall but as you'll see in the seven day that's actually the most summer locate day of the week. overnight mostly cloudy with a sprinkle in spots that 59 degrees. for your tuesday, clouds and a few breaks of sun still on the cool side normal about 76 get to 74. your papal visit forecast, really not bad. in fact lot like today. clouds and some sun on saturday. 74. that's what we got to today as well. sunday a few more clouds, breezy chance for a stray shower but i think i'm keeping it dry for right now. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know. the "eyewitness weather" seven
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day forecast and shore cast there's your first day of fall looking like summer, 80 degrees. thursday looks great. friday not bad either a little cooler and breezy for saturday and sun today. we'll keep a close e ♪
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all right. we can't cry over spilled milk. >> um-um. >> we have to wipe it up and poor another glass. >> keep the moving. >> by the way, we've got no choice. >> yes. >> the great the expectations the greater the disappointment. chip kelly's offense was ranked third in the nfl last year. fourth the year before that. now, they're struggling just to get past mid field.
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eagles ran for 7 yards in their 10-point loss to the cowboys. they have 70 yards that was two games. that's the seventh fewest in the nfl since 1948. the team began the season with a running back trio. highly touted trio and chip kelly says he's got the solution to the running back problem. >> i feel like it can be fixed. you know, we've -- we've had a couple games here since we've been here where we haven't run the ball well. we rectified that. we didn't run the ball well against san francisco a year ago much that's the game that stood out we didn't do a very good job of runnin running the football t game but we straightened things out as we went along. >> we have to go back to practice. go back to film see exactly what they were doing. we have a good idea what they were doing on the side line. we'll get rep physicians in practice and get this ironed out. >> all right. switching gears now young patients at children's hospital of philadelphia got some special
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visitors today eagles jordan matthews, been knee logan and marcus smith spent their day off signing autographs some of their smallest fans eagles may have lost to the cowboys, but all smiles right there. >> the game is definitely important. we always want to go out there and win but at the same time it doesn't make you forget about the game but statement you're able to put some of those thing to the side for little while to make sure you can do something in the community. that's what this whole thing is about at the end of the day. >> perspective right there. baseball now the phils with the night off. they start three game zero less tomorrow against the marilyn. fighting need to win seven of their last 12 games to avoid losing 100 games for the first time in 54 years. aaron harang will be on the bu bump. to the ice now. flyers start preseason action tonight in allentown against the islanders in split squad act. new flyers coach dave hacks stole in the box. first period flyers power tripping. michael raffle with the goal to make it one to nothing. go to the second period.
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you've seen this guy before with the one man advantage. vinnie la cavalier knocks home the rebound to give them the three-two lead they beat the islanders five to three is your final score. we'll be right back.
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tonight we are getting new look at pluto. >> the latest photos of the dwarf planet take by new horizons probe during it's
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historic july 14th fly by snapped at altitude about 11,000 miles just after the it passed behind pluto. you can see ice mountains it will take nasa more than year to collect all of the photos taken. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us. for don, kate and orienter team, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show with stephen
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